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RAVEX® Exhaust Extraction Kit

For optimum safety and results, fumes should be exhausted to atmosphere.

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Ravex Exhaust Extraction Kit
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Legal Compliance

Enables you to extract dangerous fumes inline with COSHH regulations

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Robust and Reliable

Designed to withstand high temperatures and hazardous fumes

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Powerful and Efficient

80m duct runs enable you to vent to atmosphere without losing pressure

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Exhaust fume extraction for excavators, generators and compressors

Product Details

The Ravex Exhaust Extraction Kit comprises a very powerful centrifugal fan, capable of discharging through up to 80 metres of duct, and comes complete with an initial high temperature silicon/neoprene duct, followed by heavy duty discharge ducting.

The fan intake is attached to the exhaust outlet via a steel flexible hose and exhaust pipe clamp adaptor. The powerful centrifugal fans used in the RAV SCF kits are constructed of heavy duty steel and can safely withstand the temperatures attained in exhaust systems. They are designed to handle hazardous and flammable fumes and be capable of extracting and forcing air under high pressure.

The standard kit includes the 300mm diameter fan, but for large plant and/or if the discharge point is further than 80m, either additional fans can be implemented in the system or the larger 450mm fans can be offered instead. For small static plants areas where there is limited power supply, VENTEX 200CF can be used as an alternative option.

Key Product Features

  • Proven extraction on up to 250 kva generator
  • Extraction from exhaust pipes up to 200mm Ø
  • Up to 80m flexible ducting runs, without in-line fans
  • Suitable for static plant including generators, piling rigs and compressors
  • Powerful 110v centrifugal fans extracting fumes directly from exhaust pipes venting to atmosphere

Key applications

  • Generator & compressor exhaust fume extraction
  • Exhaust fume extraction from internal piling operations

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