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RAVEX® Diesel Filter Kit HD90

Health & safety legislation requires that diesel engine exhaust emissions are controlled whenever they could create a health hazard.

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Ravex Diesel Filter Kit HD90 HD150
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Legal Compliance

This filter enables you to use mobile and/ or static diesel machinery in enclosed spaces, and is fully compliant with COSHH regulations

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Highly Effective

Removes 95% of particulate from diesel engines

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Robust and Reliable

Ensuring you don't have any downtime on site

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Suitable for most mobile and static diesel plant and machinery

Product Details

This is generally when diesel engines are run within an enclosed environment and therefore ventilation is restricted. The Ravex range of exhaust filters are specifically designed for use on diesel powered plant and construction equipment to effectively reduce smoke and particulate emissions from engines. The filters are constructed to trap particulate as fine as 3 microns when first fitted and increasingly smaller particulates as the filter is ‘conditioned’ (i.e. in normal use the media becomes loaded with carbon, soot and particulates). Filters will require replacement when the outside of the filter becomes visibly black, indicating that the filter media has become ‘fully loaded’. The media is non-corrosive, non-combustible, non-alkaline and chemically stable. It possesses excellent heat resistance, flexibility and low thermal conductivity.

Key Product Features

  • Adaptable to most mobile and static diesel plant and machinery
  • Suitable for generators, diggers, handlers, piling rigs, excavators etc.
  • Robust and reliable with heat shield
  • Removes 95% of particulate from diesel engines
  • Complies with COSHH regulations
  • Long lasting, high efficiency filter element
  • Proven performance

Key applications

  • Basement excavations
  • Warehouse construction Internal piling
  • Generators & compressors

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