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CLIMEX® Indirect Oil Fired Heater 300S

RVT static oil fired heaters economically provide large volumes of 100% fume-free dry heat.

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1416 x 944 static oil fired heater
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Ideal for Drying Out

Warm, dry, heat ensures that moisture is quickly removed from the air

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Consistent movement of warm dry air ensures that buildings are not structurally damaged

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Large scale

Ideal for drying out buildings or providing steady ambient heat in large scale buildings such as hospitals and factories.

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This static 300kW heater is our largest offering, providing 21,600 m3 heated air flow per hour

Product Details

This 300kW static diesel heater is ideal for drying-out new builds efficiently.

How does the Climex Indirect Oil-fired Heater 300S work?

Heat is created by convection: flames heat up the heat exchanger so that the surrounding air is heated as it passes over the chamber, creating hot dry 100% fume-free clean air. The 600mm duct outlets enable warm air to be distributed to enclosed areas up to 180 metres away.

This static oil fired heater has been robustly constructed: the heater housing remains cool to the touch, and is rated to IP44 for weather protection. The heater can be fitted with a wireless thermostat, with a range of 200 metres.

What do i need to know about installation?

They are designed to be used with a three-phase electric supply of 415 volts, 3 phases, 50Hz, 32amp.
The static oil fired heater utilises the latest Rectus environmental oil couplings, which are fitted with a valve. The valves close automatically when disconnected, which prevents any oil from leaking.

Key Product Features

  • 300kW heat output
  • Thermostat options with a 200 meter range
  • Requires 415 volts, 3 phases, 50Hz, 32amp
  • Static unit that can be connected to long duct runs
  • Optional re-circulation ducts for maximum efficiency
  • Diesel heater - highly effective
  • Quiet in operation

Key applications

  • Drying out of new build construction projects
  • Maintaining ambient temperatures

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