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CLIMEX® Hygrometer

Designed to monitor relative humidity and temperature.

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Easy to use

Records data every 10 mins and displays it in a simple graph format

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Measures Relative Humidity

Has a range of 5% - 95%

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Measures Temperature

Has a range of -12 to 70 degrees Celcius

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Great Battery Life

No need to plug this device in, the battery will keep it going for 500 days!

Product Details

The Climex Hygrometer 120 is a compact instrument, designed to monitor relative humidity and temperature, to allow projects to manage sites with critical parameters.

The immediate readings are shown on the display screen, but the unit also automatically logs the data every 10 minutes. Simply plugging the unit directly into a computer will allow you to access automatically-generated PDF graphs which visually show the recorded relative humidity and temperature.

Battery powered, and supplied with a handy wall-plate, the Hygrometer is almost maintenance free. The data-logging frequency can be altered on request.

Key Product Features

  • Measures RH and Temperature
  • Records data in simple graph format
  • Data logging every 10 minutes
  • Battery powered
  • Compact and easy to use

Key applications

  • For humidity and temperature management

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