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Climate Equipment

CLIMEX® Floor Fan 500

Producing airflows of 8000m3/Hr, this fan is ideal for regulating air flow.

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Multiple applications

Ideal for cool air distribution in the summer or warm air distribution in the winter


Producing airflows of 8000m3/hr, this unit is perfect for regulating air movement throughout a building

Tiltable with variable speed

Can easily be adjusted to control the air flow

Robust and Reliable

A durable, sturdy piece of kit that won't let you down

Product Details

This multi-purpose fan is ideal for circulating warm or cool air depending on the application.

Perfect for Cool Air Distribution

This 500mm diameter fan produces 8000m3/hr airflow; ideal for keeping workers cool in summer. RVT have a wide range of fans available, including industrial sized axial fans which are ideal for keeping warehouses cool in the summer months. View all of our fans here.

Perfect for Warm Air Distribution

Air movement is critical to an effective drying out programme and these fans can be used to spread large volumes of warm air through the required areas, helping to speed up drying times, and ensuring maximum heat coverage is achieved.

Key Product Features

  • Variable speed
  • Plastic mould injection body
  • Tiltable
  • Tough ABS body
  • Available in 240v and 110v
  • Will blow along 20m of 500mm ducting

Key applications

  • Drying out new builds in the cold/ damp months
  • Circulating cool air in the summer months

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