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CLIMEX® Floor Fan 500

Producing airflows of 8000m3/Hr, this fan is regularly used with temporary heating systems to ensure even warm air distribution.

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Climex Floor Fan 500
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Multiple applications

Ideal for moving warm air through large buildings, including hospitals and care homes.

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Producing airflows of 8000m3/hr, this unit is perfect for moving warm air through most environments

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Tiltable with variable speed

Can easily be adjusted to control the air flow

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Robust and Reliable

A durable, sturdy piece of kit that won't let you down

Product Details

Air movement is critical to an effective drying out programme and these fans can be used to spread large volumes of warm air through the required areas, helping to speed up drying times, and ensuring maximum heat coverage is achieved.

This fan can also be used effectively with dehumidifiers.

Key Product Features

  • Variable speed
  • Plastic mould injection body
  • Tiltable
  • Tough ABS body Available in 240v and 110v Will blow along 20m of 500mm ducting

Key applications

  • Drying plaster
  • Drying general dampness
  • Where multiple locations on site need consecutive drying

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