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CLIMEX® Electric Fan Heater 15

The Climex 15 Electric heater is a small and mobile unit, designed to heat medium sized areas.

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Climex Fan Heater 15
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Electric Powered

No need for fuel such as propane or diesel, making it the ideal solution if you have easy access to power on site

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Control the Direction of Heat

The heater can be connected to flexible ducting to distribute hot air to ‘dead areas’ around the building

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Easy to Manage

Remote thermostats and time switches are available, making these units easy to control

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Multiple applications

Ideal for maintaining ambient temperature or drying out medium sized rooms

Product Details

The Climex 15 Electric heater is a small and mobile unit, designed to heat medium sized areas.

Three heating settings (fan only/6/9/15KW) allow you to run the unit efficiently when the full heat output isn’t required.

An easily adjustable internal thermostat also enables the heater to maintain a specific temperature.

The heater can also be supplied with 150mm or 300mm ducting, enabling heat to be supplied into tight-access areas.

When used for drying out we recommend the RVT drying triangle is adopted, incorporating air movement and dehumidification

Key Product Features

  • 15kW heat output
  • Variable heat setting
  • Portable
  • 415v 32a

Key applications

  • Heating of small areas
  • Maintaining ambient temperatures
  • Ideal for drying out plaster

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On 4th March, the Government released new ventilation guidance. If you are looking for an easy-to-digest version of the guidance, download our ventilation whitepaper.

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