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CLIMEX® Fan Heater 15

This electric fan heater produces clean dry heat, with high heat outputs available with 415v versions.

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Climex Fan Heater 15
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Electric Powered

No need for fuel such as propane or diesel, making it the ideal solution if you have easy access to power on site

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Control the Direction of Heat

The heater can be connected to flexible ducting to distribute hot air to ‘dead areas’ around the building

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Easy to Manage

Remote thermostats and time switches are available, making these units easy to control

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Multiple applications

Ideal for smaller applications, including; new build homes, offices and residential care homes.

Product Details

Electric fan heaters are designed to produce large volumes of clean dry heat without the need of using fuel such as propane or diesel, which can be considered as health and fire hazard. A range of five sizes of electric heater are available from 3kw to 42kw. These heaters are normally sited internally and some models can be connected to flexible ducting to distribute hot air to ‘dead areas’. Remote thermostats and time switches are available for these heaters to ensure peace of mind that your heating criterion are adhered to at all times.

Because of the air movement and clean dry heat produced from electric heaters, they are proven for their effectiveness.

Key Product Features

  • Ductable versions available Portable
  • Variable heat settings
  • Complete heating and drying out packages available including air distribution and power supply

Key applications

  • Heating of congregational areas
  • Maintaining ambient temperatures for specialist finishing and flooring trades

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