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Climate Equipment

CLIMEX® Evaporative Cooler 30

Used for open plan and congregational spaces where windows are not accessible, cooling an area up to 30m.

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Regulates Temperature

Ideal for cooling large spaces

Adjustable Controls

Adjustable speed and humidity levels

Great Coverage

Cooling area of up to 30m

Multiple Applications

Ideal for open plan areas and congregational areas

Product Details

Our portable range of exhaust tube, split systems, evaporative coolers and fans is selected from the best on the market.

Portable air conditioning is the most flexible solution for all types of environment, providing you with all the benefits of a fixed system without the need for extensive capital outlay. When you hire portable air conditioning you can be sure you are getting the right product for your needs at the right price, when you need it.

Key Product Features

  • 4 Speed Fan
  • Integral Heater
  • Remote Control
  • Low Water Alarm
  • Ice Compartment
  • Oscillating Louvers
  • Cooling area up to 30m2
  • Adjustable Humidity Control

Key applications

  • Single offices
  • Conference rooms
  • Small hospital rooms

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