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CLIMEX® Dehumidifier 96

Dehumidifiers remove moisture from the air assisting with drying out programmes.

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Large Scale

Our largest capacity mobile dehumidifier, ideal for hospitals, office blocks and other large scale buildings

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Extracts and condenses up to 96 litres of moisture every 24 hours.

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Ideal for wet trades

Assists with drying out of buildings, allowing wet trades to progress quicker

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This unit is also ideal for flood damage restoration

Product Details

The Climex Dehumidifier 96 is an industrial mobile refrigerant dehumidifier, designed to provide humidity control and and assist with drying out programmes.

How does it work?

The dehumidifier draws in moist air through the rear grilles, passing it through a filter, and then over chilled coils to condense the moisture. The unit can condense up to 96 litres every 24 hours. The return air is then passed through a heat exchanger and expelled back into the room through the front grille. The most efficient number of dehumidifiers for any particular area can be calculated based on a number of factors, and RVT’s specialist advisors can assist you to calculate this.

What other features does the unit have?

The unit features a humidistat which will automatically start the machine when the humidity reaches a level that passes the pre-set level. Incorporating wheels, the unit is highly mobile and narrow enough to fit through a standard doorway.

Key Product Features

  • Requires 110v 16a
  • Fits through a standard doorway
  • 2 Large Wheels for easy transportation
  • 96 litres every 24 hours (32° / 90% humidity)
  • Features drain pump for easy water management

Key applications

  • To assist drying out of buildings to allow for wet trades
  • To assist in drying out wet trades to allow for final fix, flooring trades and decorations
  • Flood damage restoration
  • Maintain humidity levels in critical environments

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Free Ventilation Whitepaper

On 4th March, the Government released new ventilation guidance. If you are looking for an easy-to-digest version of the guidance, download our ventilation whitepaper.

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