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CLIMEX® Air Distribution Kit 300

The Warm Air Distribution Kits are designed to assist with even heat distribution. Air movement is critical to an effective drying out programme and working with an indirect oil fired heating solution, these kits very effectively ensure warm air is distributed through the required areas.

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Climex Air Distribution Kit 300
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Multiple applications

Ideal for distributing heat evenly throughout office blocks and care homes.

Scaffolding Compliant Duct Runs

Long duct runs

Perfect for distributing air to 'dead areas' of the building

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Consistent movement of warm dry air ensures that walls are dry-ed out evenly, which ensures that buildings are not structurally damaged

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Enabling you to easily move the kit around site without wasting time

Product Details

They ensure maximum and consistent heat coverage is maintained and ensure that any ‘dead areas’ are effectively and evenly dried out . The fan can be connected up to 30 meters of flexible ducting. Depending on the heating set-up, the fans can be used to draw heat from a riser or similar, and direct into specific areas, where a concentrated heat is required.

Key Product Features

  • Airflow rating of 3500m /hr free air
  • Stackable to save storage space
  • Powerful 0.75kw 110V / 240V motor
  • Can be used with up to 38m of flexible duct

Key applications

  • Air movement
  • Can circulate warm dry air in order efficiently dry out a building

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