Case Study Overview

A new project at St Giles Circus in London’s West End is creating four new buildings and refurbishing existing buildings to provide commercial and residential spaces. Completion of the project is due for 2020.


During the early phases of the project, diesel plant would be operating in enclosed basements, it was therefore essential that ventilation and fume control solutions were put in place to keep the workers safe. Carey’s were looking for a specialist who would be able to calculate volumes and air changes before selecting the appropriate ventilation solution. The solution would also need to be flexible so that it could be modified to reflect the site’s changing – and complex – ventilation needs.


RVT installed five Ventex® Centrifugal Fan 450S at ground floor level to ensure an even spread of clean air across the basement. Diesel particulate filters were fixed onto the exhausts of plant machinery to capture and filter diesel fumes. RVT also supplied Dustex dust extraction units throughout the project.


Careys Civil Engineering


St Giles Circus, London