Case Study Overview

Shieldhall Strategic Tunnel is a 3.1-mile wastewater tunnel under the south of Glasgow. To dig the tunnel, a noisy tunnel boring machine (TBM) had to cut through rock. Though the tunnel route was carefully selected to minimise disruption, much of the construction took place in and around residential areas.


With work continuing during antisocial hours, it was vital that the considerable noise generated by the works was contained so that local residents were not disturbed.


RVT supplied 130 Soundex Acoustic Quilts and a Soundex Generator Exhaust Attenuator Enclosure to contain the noise from the generators and compressors on site. The quilts reduced the noise by up to 25.9 dB, and the enclosure dramatically reduced the impact of exhaust noise. Both these solutions allowed work to continue with minimal disruption to residents.


CVJV (Costain VINCI Construction Grands Projects)



Products Used