Case Study Overview

Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) is an international centre of excellence in child healthcare. GOSH’s current redevelopment programme includes the Southwood Courtyard project; this involves the construction of a three-storey building adjacent to existing operating theatres in the centre of the site. This will provide more space to meet the growing demand for hospital’s services.


The construction work is taking place within a highly sensitive ‘live’ hospital environment and near a busy residential area. Therefore, it was essential that noise and dust monitoring was implemented, so that hazard levels could be constantly assessed and managed onsite, and patient comfort maintained.


RVT fitted multiple Monitex Noise Monitors and Monitex Dust Monitors around the site, so that accurate and continuous readings of noise and dust levels could be gathered and reviewed. This innovative technical equipment continuously monitors hazard levels in real time and provides regular alerts and reports via email or text. This solution protected the general public and ensured patient safety.


Kier Group


Great Ormond Street Hospital, London

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