Case Study Overview

Edinburgh House in St Andrew Square is undergoing extensive refurbishment. On completion, the property looks to house up to 400 people, providing car parking, bike storage, lockers, showers and changing facilities.


Situated in Edinburgh’s busy city centre, the site is near popular shopping streets, upmarket venues and the city’s railway, tram and bus stations. Internal Hydro Demolition was required to create openings in the building’s floors for new lift shafts. This activity can generate noise in excess of 90dB; a solution was needed to protect site operatives and nearby office workers and pedestrians.


Soundex Acoustic Curtains were used to create a floor-to-ceiling barrier across two floors; with one layer of curtains used upright and then a second layer of curtains suspended on their side above them. This delivered a noise reduction of around 20dB.





Products Used