Case Study Overview

The brand new retirement facility constructed by Galliford Try offers accommodation, a residents’ lounge, restaurant, activities room and outdoor spaces.


Construction work need to continue during the winter months, and with wet trades under way it was necessary to provide background warmth so that the plastering, dry lining, tape and jointing could be completed and followed by finishing trades such as carpentry, tiling and painting. Galliford Try needed a low-cost and effective solution to keep the project on budget and on schedule.


RVT provided two 150KW 110v indirect oil-fired heaters, which were positioned at ground level, and warm air was then pumped into the atriums via flexible ducting to provide continuous movement of warm, dry heat into the adjoining residential blocks. Warm air was drawn into the corridors on each floor and circulated equally to ensure that the building dried out quickly and evenly.


Galliford Try



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