Case Study Overview

Construction of the TomoTherapy Unit for James Cook Hospital will utilise more space on site and allow the hospital to keep up with its growing demands. The workspace is surrounded by multiple busy treatment areas and it is essential that patients and staff suffer minimal disruption.


The hospital has a zero-tolerance policy on dust due to the risk of patients breathing in airbourne aspergillus spores – a major threat to those with weak immune systems.


To ensure zero dust migration, RVT put the entire work area under negative pressure using the Ventex 200CF and the Dustex DustMaster. The DustMaster housed three filters; an EU4, EU7 and HEPA filter, to ensure that workers were adequately protected. A pressure gauge and dust monitor was used to confirm that the hospital’s zero-tolerance policy was upheld throughout the duration of the project.


James Cook Hospital


South Tees

Products Used