Case Study Overview

Kier Construction was contracted to build a new school block to accommodate a gym, assembly hall, dining area, offices and classrooms.


Construction took place during the winter months, and with the cold and damp air it soon became clear that specialist heating and drying out equipment was required to absorb moisture from the walls and other surfaces, before the project started facing delays.


RVT Group completed a site survey to be able to propose the correct temperature control solution. Given the building was reasonably large, fairly well sealed and quite open inside, it lent itself well to having Indirect Oil-Fired Heaters positioned externally to feed warm, clean, dry air into the corridors which would then filter through the rest of the building. RVT fed a 200Kw heater duct through the fire escape doors on the ground floor, and a 120Kw heater duct through the stairwell window on the first floor to provide adequate temperature control during winter construction.





Products Used