Monitoring hazards effectively

On-site monitoring of noise and dust is essential to ensure that these hazards are being adequately controlled. Without effective control, safe levels can easily be exceeded, causing lasting damage that may only emerge over time.

Our monitoring service provides the assurance that dust and noise levels are under control. Modern, innovative equipment is set up on site to continuously monitor noise and/or dust levels, and regular reports are issued direct to requested email inboxes.

Monitoring equipment can also be hired out for own operation - see below.

Semi-Permanent monitoring of noise on site
Semi-permanent noise monitoring:
  • Monitor levels over long periods
  • Receive alerts by text or email
  • Weatherproof microphone and cabinet for reliable readings
  • 110v or 230v power with battery backup
  • Flexible setup capability
Portable monitoring of noise on site
Portable noise monitoring:
  • Short term monitoring solution
  • Audio recording ability
  • 7-day battery life of continuous operation
  • Data downloadable after reading
  • Weatherproof and lockable
  • Variety of trigger methods


If you prefer to hire equipment to carry out your own noise monitoring, visit our Monitoring Equipment page.

Effective monitoring of dust on site
Dust monitoring:
  • Accurate real-time measurement of PM10, PM2.5, PM1, or TSP dust particles
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Automatic upload & data display
  • Large storage capacity for long-term use
  • Email, SMS alerts and FTP data export
  • MCERTS certified by UK Environment Agency


If you prefer to hire equipment to carry out your own dust monitoring, visit our Monitoring Equipment page.

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