Safe Sustainable Businesses

15th August 2017

Safe Sustainable Businesses, RVT Group

Working towards their 'Vision 2020', Kier Group hosted an Environment Week during mid-July. '30 by 30 in 3' was an interactive three-day event at the company's Head Office. The strategy behind the title: to reduce energy consumption by 30% by the year 2030.

RVT Group was delighted to be a part of this day. Kier's vision aligns with our own – a world where the impact of site work on life and health is effectively zero. Whilst being energy focused, Kier is also aware that many construction tasks damage the environment. Therefore, they ensured that other key environmental issues, such as waste, pollution and noise, weren't ignored. Effectively managing the negative impact of each of these is of paramount importance for a sustainable future.

Kier recognises the importance of engaging their peers to work towards this vision, since it must be a combined effort to be successful. Bringing together their business streams, shared services and supply chain, proved to be informative, enlightening and inspired. Over the course of the three days, presentations were held and supplier demonstrations displayed.

Initiatives such as these make us proud to continually pursue and develop equipment that gets us closer to reaching this mutual end goal.

Thank you to Kier for organising this event. We look forward to attending more like it in the future.



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