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18th July 2017

Quick, Adaptable, Dependable, RVT Group

RVT's HT340M Magnetic Diesel Exhaust Filter Kit is specifically designed to filter the hazardous particulate fumes from diesel plant and construction equipment.

Diesel engine exhaust emissions (DEEEs) contain harmful substances and soot, making them easier to spot than emissions from petrol engines. Exposure to DEEEs can cause a number of ill-health effects: in the short-term, eye and respiratory irritation; in the long-term, chronic coughing, chestiness and breathlessness. Prolonged exposure over years increases the risk of lung cancer.

Health and safety legislation requires that DEEEs are controlled whenever they could create a health hazard, often in enclosed spaces with limited ventilation.

Using equipment such as our HT340M Magnetic Diesel Exhaust Filter Kit effectively reduces the smoke and particulate emissions that diesel engines produce by up to 95%.

With key benefits of quick and easy to installation, lightweight and compact construction, and a long-lasting filter element, the HT340M is COSHH-compliant and perfect for basement excavations and warehouse construction.

Watch our demo video here.



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