Powerful Extraction & Filtration

25th July 2017

Powerful Extraction & Filtration, RVT Group

RVT's Ventex 300CF Centrifugal Fan with Extended WandaFilta is a powerful solution for managing construction fumes during many site tasks.

Working together, the Ventex 300CF Centrifugal Fansafely extracts hot fumes or paint fumes, while the Extended WandaFilta creates a negative pressure in the work area to filter out those hazardous fumes and vapours through its filter medias.

Being able to maintain pressure over long duct runs is vital when safely extracting hazardous fumes, and our Centrifugal Fan meets this challenge head on. Placing the fan outside of the work area while running intake suction ducting to the area of works, also effectively ensures this system is safe to use when the area has been classified as an explosive zone.

Ideal when working on all types of refurbishments including hospitals, as well as in general demolition work, our Ventex 300CF fan is mobile, has washable pre-filters and can move up to 5400m³ of air per hour.

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