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Noise control at a listed building renovation

24th January 2019

Noise control at a listed building renovation, RVT Group
RVT Group

The challenge

The principal contractors for Metro Bank's renovation, Base Build Services, needed to cut through bath stone to create the interior layout of the new branch. The on-site wet cutting would create a considerable amount of dust and noise and would therefore present a hazard to those working within the premises. In particular, the stonework would create a silica dust health hazard and the crew's exposure to this needed to be minimised.

The RVT solution

RVT's solution was three-fold. Firstly, an acoustic enclosure was supplied to reduce the noise and to contain the dust. Secondly, RVT's DustMaster dust control kit was installed to comprehensively capture and filter the dust. Lastly, four Dustex Raptors were provided for localised dust capture. These actions meant that the stonework could be carried out in a safe and controlled manner.


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