£2374.14 Raised for the British Lung Foundation

3rd July 2019

£2374.14 Raised for the British Lung Foundation, RVT Group

We are pleased to announce that our sponsored couch to 5k challenge managed to raise a total of £2374.14 for the British Lung Foundation. We would like to thank all of our customers and suppliers for their generosity and support.

So, what is the 'couch to 5k' challenge?
Couch to 5k is a week-by-week exercise programme designed by the NHS to gradually build your fitness level so that eventually you are at a point where you can walk, jog or run 5 kilometres.

RVT staff followed the programme throughout April, May and June, and then on 20th June 2019, staff took to the track to complete a full 5 kilometres. Customers, suppliers, family and friends all sponsored our 5k challenge and raised just over £1100 via our Just Giving Page. In addition to this, RVT Group's Board of Directors agreed to donate £50 for every person who took part in the challenge. With 22 people taking part on the day and another 2 people taking part in their own time, this added an additional £1200 to the total. The grand total raised therefore amounted to £2374.14.

5k is the equivalent to about 8,000 steps (depending on your stride) and the NHS recommends that we all do 10,000 steps a day as part of a healthy lifestyle. To learn more about the NHS Couch to 5k campaign, click here.



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