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SOUNDEX® Pile Wrap Attenuator

A product that was designed specifically for piling within the rail industry and its unique design helps to reduce the noise that emanates out of the steel cylindrical piles during impact.

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Soundex Pile Wrap Attenuator
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High performance

Excellent noise absorption

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Designed for Rail

Designed specifically to reduce the noise that emanates during piling.

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Durable and fire safe

Weatherproof and fire resistant

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Fully Approved

Certified to BS EN ISO 717, BS EN ISO 345 and EN ISO 11654

Product Details

The design incorporates extra strong magnets which hold the attenuator to the pile during each impact. In addition to the magnets each individual attenuator is secured together with a Velcro connection removing the requirement of extra straps or buckles. With each unit only being 500mm long it is possible to remove them in sections as the pile is driven into the ground enabling maximum attenuation throughout the piling process. The remarkably simple system contributes significantly in reducing the noise pollution whilst remaining practical, functional and retaining the visibility required during the piling process.

Key Product Features

  • Fire resistant
  • Weatherproof
  • Excellent noise absorption
  • Non-irritant acoustic material with no glass-fibre content
  • Held on by magnets - no extra straps required Lightweight
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Independently tested and certified to BS EN ISO 717-1 : 1997; BS EN ISO 345 : 2003; EN ISO 11654 : 1997

Key applications

  • Piling projects within the rail industry

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