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Exclusive Preview

RVT Introduce 'Envirohub'

If you are landing on this page, you have been given an exclusive preview of our brand-new product range.

RVT Group have teamed up with the manufacturers of Envirohub to offer the construction industry a brand-new solution to monitor, treat, and report on water quality.

When carrying out construction activities on site, water can become mixed with sand, silt, clay, concrete, oils, metals and other pollutants. These pollutants are damaging to our ecosystem if discharged into the environment; it is therefore important for us to manage water in the correct way and in-line with Environmental Permitting. Within the Envirohub range, we will be offering; Lamella Plate Settlement Tanks, Treatment Tanks, PH Correction Tanks and Monitoring units.

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Product Range

Envirohub is a modular system, allowing you to discuss your requirements with our consultant and then select the kit that is suitable for your site’s specific needs. An example of the products are shown below, but the full range can be viewed by downloading the Envirohub brochure and data sheets further down the page.

Lamella Tank

Treatment Tank

Dosing Unit

Settlement Tank

Concrete Washout

Correction Tank

Monitoring & Sampling

Control Module

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What's Great About RVT's Envirohub Solution?

Envirohub is easy to use, therefore reducing the burden or stress that site managers might feel when managing water on site.

Envirohub helps to ensure compliance with environmental regulations, giving you peace of mind that you have protected the environment

Envirohub is fully flexible, allowing you to neutralise water using CO2 vapour gas or chemicals

With RVT, customers are supported throughout every step of the hire, receiving technical support & consultations whenever necessary

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