PERFORMANCE E3/2 Quick-Tech®

Standard Enclosure (Hire or Sale)

Soundex RVT Group

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PERFORMANCE E3/2 Quick-Tech®  - Standard Enclosure (Hire or Sale)



This extremely robust 2.5m x 2.5m enclosure with acoustic walls and roof enjoys consistent success within the construction, rail, civil engineering and retail maintenance industries.

The Standard Enclosure can be very quickly erected, and, with the optional casters, is easily moved around in relation to site works. This entire enclosure fits onto a single pallet, making it easy to transport right to the point where it is to be installed.


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Key product features:

  • H20-Tech® waterproof technology
  • Up to 32.3 dB reduction in noise
  • Can be installed within 15 minutes
  • Industrial robust aluminium or GRP construction
  • Very portable - Folds down to fit on a single pallet
  • Fully printed personalisation available


Key applications:

  • Enclosing generators
  • Containing noisy site operations

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