Heavy duty diesel exhaust fume filter kit

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RAVEX® HT220T - Heavy duty diesel exhaust fume filter kit



The HT220T Heavy Duty Diesel Exhaust Fume Filter Kit is extremely effective on large plant with its 450mm diameter fan, being particularly suitable for generators, diggers, handlers, piling rigs, excavators, etc. The HT220T is suitable for an engine rating of up to 150kW.

The filters are constructed to trap fine particles when first fitted. As the filter becomes 'conditioned' these particle sizes reduce, so that with time, you'll notice soot and carbon particles also being trapped. Once the outside of the filter becomes visibly black, this indicates that the filter media is full and needs replacing.

The media is non-corrosive, non-combustible, non-alkaline and chemically stable. It possesses excellent heat resistance, flexibility and low thermal conductivity


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Key product features:

  • Adaptable to most mobile and static diesel plant and machinery
  • Suitable for generators, diggers, handlers, piling rigs, excavators etc.
  • Robust and reliable with heat shield
  • Removes 95% of particulate from diesel engines
  • Complies with COSHH regulations
  • Long lasting, high efficiency filter element
  • Proven performance


Key applications:

  • Basement excavations
  • Warehouse construction
  • Internal piling
  • Generators & compressors

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