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RAVEX® HT340M - Magnetic diesel exhaust filter kit



The HT340M Magnetic Diesel Exhaust Filter Kit is designed to filter the hazardous particulate fumes from diesel plant and has all the same benefits as the Mini Magnetic Diesel Exhaust Filter Kit, but with the advantage of being slightly larger which means it can be connected to diesel plant up to 60Kw in size.

Another unit that's quick and easy to install, has a long-lasting high efficiency filter element, and complies with COSHH regulations.


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Key product features:

  • Adaptable to most mobile and static diesel plant and machinery
  • Fast installation time
  • Universal exhaust fitting
  • Quick release filter housing
  • No straps required
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Removes 95% of particulate from diesel engine exhausts
  • Long-lasting high efficiency filter element
  • Complies with COSHH regulations
  • Proven performance


Key applications:

  • Basement excavations
  • Warehouse construction
  • Access plant

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