Dustex ClearBlast 600

Grit blast dust extraction unit

Dustex RVT Group

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Dustex ClearBlast 600 - Grit blast dust extraction unit



The Dustex ClearBlast 600 is a self-contained dust extractor, designed to operate (usually) via a ductwork system extracting direct from the dust source.

As dust enters the Filter Unit, the hopper inlet internal baffle plate encourages heavier particles to fall into the waste bin. Lighter dust particles pass through the filter media and clean air is discharged in to atmosphere through the fan chamber outlet.

This unit is ideal for larger demolition projects such as bridge blasting.


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Key product features:

  • Self-contained dust filter unit
  • Option to connect to ductwork system
  • Dust capture hood options
  • Automatic shaker-motor clean cycle
  • Use for grit-blasting, sand-blasting process machines etc.
  • 5000 m3/hr airflow


Key applications:

  • Dust extraction from bridge blasting
  • Basement shotblasting dust control

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