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Large Plant: the noise hazards


Large Plant: the noise hazards. RVT Group


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Complaints about generators usually arise outside normal working hours once the ambient noise drops. The noise control measures used must have high absorption levels and the highest possible density to 'catch' and retain the low frequency soundwaves.

An excavator fitted with a hydraulic breaker attachment is very effective at breaking up concrete, tarmac and the like, but also extremely loud. This repetitive loud noise is very intrusive for those in homes, shops or offices nearby. The best solution here is an enclosure that surrounds the breaker as much as possible without impeding the work. 

The hammer piling of steel piles is continuous, noisy work often carried out at night. Here, the best solution involves the pile itself being wrapped in a composite shroud. However, the amount of pile exposed above ground diminishes as it is sunk, so any acoustic wrap has to adapt to this.

To find out more about controlling the noise generated by large pieces of plant, download our full whitepaper.


With all noise control, the general principle is that the line of sight between the noise source and the people suffering its effects needs to be blocked.

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