Noeleen Carter-Paice

Sales Support Lead Generator

Joined RVT: November 2015

What do you enjoy about your role?

I have a great interest in the construction industry, and am passionate about protecting the lives of workers on sites. The solutions we provide can be quite crucial in their application, particularly in the rail industry for people working in tunnels. Every call is different, and I get to speak with so many interesting people every day. I like working for RVT Group because they are a forward-thinking company, they are always working to develop new products to help protect lives on site. Although they're a big company they are very interested in their staff and want us all to have a happy working environment. I am happy to say I work in a busy, vibrant and dynamic organisation.



T. 0844 324 0601



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Noeleen Carter-Paice, RVT Group

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