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RVT Group - Dustex® Brochure

Dustex® Brochure

Overview of Dustex® dust suppression equipment

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RVT Group - Dustex® Raptor

Dustex® Raptor

Portable self-contained dust extraction/filtration unit

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RVT Group - Pyro-Tech® C1/3 Curtain

Pyro-Tech® C1/3 Curtain

Acoustic curtain developed in conjunction with London Underground.

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RVT Group - E6/2 Cutting Enclosure

E6/2 Cutting Enclosure

This Quick-Tech® cutting enclosure is easy to erect and very mobile.

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RVT Group - E7/2 Breaker Shroud

E7/2 Breaker Shroud

Extremely robust shroud with acoustic walls and roof.

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RVT Group - Hydramist 13

Hydramist 13

Uses a fine mist of water droplets to suppress dust over a wide area.

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