Site Assessments

Our support with assessing site conditions is critical to customers securing the correct control for the health hazards that exist. Levels of noise, dust and fume can be difficult to identify accurately, but inadequate control is very damaging. Based on our 20+ years of experience in addressing these site hazards, we provide expert assistance with assessment and provision of tailored control solutions.

Our site assessments take two forms: individual site visits and detailed telephone assessments.

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Site Visits


Our preferred option is always for one of our consultants to visit a site and see personally the site activity and the hazards that arise from it. During a site visit, we look at the scale of the project and the distances over which hazard control needs to be effective – particularly critical for effective dust and fume control. We also take readings of hazard levels to accurately assess the level of protection required. We also look closely at the nature of work tasks being carried out, to ensure that control is effective but does not hinder the work being done.

RVT Group Telephone assessments
Telephone Assessments


Sometimes, there simply isn't time to pay a site visit – control equipment is required same day or next day, or a site is in a remote location. In these circumstances, we provide in-depth phone support, talking a customer through their requirements and assessing the nature of site circumstances. We ask about the scale and size of project location, the type of power supply and the physical layout of spaces. We also discuss the nature of work activity and ensure that any restrictions or workstyle needs are fully accommodated in any solution proposed.

Call 0808 178 3286 for a telephone assessment or to request a site visit. Alternatively, click below to submit your request for a site visit here.


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