World Lung Cancer Day 2018

27th July 2018

World Lung Cancer Day 2018, RVT Group

World Lung Cancer Day takes place on Wednesday 1st August 2018. The day is an annual event which aims to increase awareness of lung cancer as a potentially fatal disease, and urge those who display common symptoms, such as a persistent cough, breathlessness or unexplained weight-loss, to talk to their GP.

13% of lung cancer cases in the UK are caused by workplace exposures.

Construction site workers are particularly at risk. Many daily site activities create dust or expel fumes into the environment which can cause serious harm. Asbestos, silica fibres and diesel engine exhaust (DEEs) lead the pack as causes of lung cancer within the construction industry.

It's therefore vital that protective equipment is enforced when undertaking dust or fume generating activity. For example, the use of on-tool extraction equipment, ventilation with a fresh air supply, relevant PPE's, and water suppression, will all significantly reduce the negative impact on worker's health.

As we mark World Lung Cancer Day, we're glad to take a moment to celebrate all the survivors. But we would also like to encourage all our valued contacts to spread awareness about lung cancer and the warning signs. And if you know anyone displaying these symptoms, urge them to seek medical advice. The earlier the diagnosis, the greater the chance of a full recovery.



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