World COPD Day: Raising Awareness

16th November 2016

World COPD Day: Raising Awareness, RVT Group

Today on World COPD Day, alongside the British Lung Foundation, RVT Group wants to help raise awareness about COPD – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

COPD is the collective term for lung conditions that can seriously impact your breathing, where airways have become narrower, making it harder for the lungs to empty out air.

And the sad thing is, COPD often goes undiagnosed. Many people suffering from this condition, simply think they're out of breath for 'normal' reasons – lack of physical fitness, time of year, cold weather, poor diet, smoking, etc.

However, for some, shortness of breath can be a sign of an underlying illness.

In fact, over three million people in the UK are suffering from COPD, and that's only the number of people who have gone to their GP and been diagnosed. How many more are there suffering in silence?

There are many factors that can cause COPD, your job could be one of them.

People who are exposed to dust, fumes and chemicals in their work should ensure they use specialist equipment to minimise any risk, as well as paying close attention to how they are breathing. If it becomes increasingly laboured, it's advised to visit your GP to get checked out.

A great tool the BLF recently launched is their online breath test. Whilst not a replacement for medical expertise, it asks questions to determine your risk level and offers a suggestion based on the results.

So join us in supporting the British Lung Foundation today, and together, let's raise the awareness of this life threatening condition.



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