Welding Course Graduates

11th September 2018

Welding Course Graduates, RVT Group

RVT Group is delighted when staff take the lead on learning or expanding their range of skills. We were therefore thrilled to hear about five recent Welding Course graduates doing just that.

Huge congratulations from everyone at RVT go out to:

  • Max Beardon
  • Ilir Strumcaku
  • Bujar Mustafaj
  • Martin Beardon
  • Nexhat Mustafaj

The evening classes were held at Hadlow College in Kent over a period of ten weeks. During this time, Max, Ilir, Bujar, Martin and Nexhat were taught the different methods of welding, including oxy-actylene welding, arc welding, MIG welding and gas cutting, the basics of welding, and were given the opportunity to hone their welding skills.

Whilst this wasn't a company course requirement, but rather one completed for personal development, we are encouraged and enthused to see proactiveness such as this. RVT fully supports staff who wish to take external courses to increase their skillset, and of course, for their own personal enjoyment.

Well done to you all!



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