Versatile Temporary Boilers

31st October 2017

Versatile Temporary Boilers, RVT Group

The range of boilers available from RVT can be used for numerous purposes. Not only are they ideal for hotels, factories, leisure centres and retailers in winter months to ensure consistent and adequate climate control, but they can assist with under floor heating and drying on construction sites.

Boiler options.

Before jumping into finding a boiler for your environment, first consider what you need it for.

Do you need heating and hot water? Or just heat? Or just hot water? Is an electric heater your best solution, or oil, or dual fuel? And finally, what size of space do you expect the boiler to service?

Once these fundamentals have been established, you are ready to select the boiler that's best suited to your job.

A boiler for every location.

Boilers available come in a variety of sizes and fuel options, and provide heat, hot water or a combination of the two, offering an effective temporary heating solution.

They can be easily connected to existing pipe work using flexible hoses, and come supplied with an integrated heat exchanger and booster pump for maximum efficiency.

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