Universal Telescopic Props

6th March 2018

Universal Telescopic Props, RVT Group

RVT's Universal Telescopic Props are designed for use in conjunction with screening materials such as polythene to prevent dust from spreading from a work environment into adjacent 'live' areas. Together with a negative pressure system, screening created with these props will ensure dust hazards are safely contained within the work area, including sensitive occupied areas.

Quick and easy to install to meet the exact length and shape required, our Universal Telescopic Props are perfect for use in areas with suspended ceilings, including angled or vaulted ceilings.

Other benefits of our Universal Telescopic Props include:

  • Time saving due to the easy fit system
  • Minimised possibility of damage to work area with no fixings required
  • Multi-use design providing cost-savings

Easily adjusted, transported and stored, the Universal Telescopic Props help to ensure effective dust control on any project.

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