The Ultimate Drying Efficiency

13th January 2017

The Ultimate Drying Efficiency, RVT Group

Dehumidifiers are a must-have piece of equipment for contractors through any project, but particularly during cold, wet weather months as high humidity can cause project delays and potentially damage delicate materials such as wood.

They work in two stages. Firstly, by removing moisture from the air into the machine which collects as water. This water can then be drained out into an integral tank to be emptied manually, or pumped through a hose to an external drain. The latter ensures round-the-clock collection of excess humidity.

The second stage is to take the cooled dehumidified air and pass it through a heat exchanger to increase its temperature before dispersing it into the room, assisting the drying out process.

RVT Group has a range of dehumidifiers, including large capacity mobile units that produce 96 litres every 24 hours, helping to ensure that construction projects in humid environments run to schedule.



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