The Soundex Cutting Enclosure

24th January 2019

The Soundex Cutting Enclosure, RVT Group

Cutting and grinding unavoidably creates high levels of noise pollution in and around a building site – which can present a hazard for both construction workers and the general public. This is especially problematic when working in sensitive environments, such as schools or busy residential areas, where it is essential that normal daily activities can continue undisturbed.

In 2017/18 it was estimated that a staggering 21,000 labourers suffered from work-induced hearing problems (Labour Force Survey, HSE & ONS, 2018). In the same year, according to an HSE report published in 2018, there were also 70 new claims for work-related deafness.

RVT's Soundex Cutting Enclosure quickly creates a mobile standalone cutting zone within a site, establishing an acoustically-controlled area within just a few minutes. The enclosure can achieve an impressive noise reduction of up to 32 dB. As a result, it offers a highly effective means of protecting workers against work-related hearing loss in construction.

As well as effectively containing noise, it also stops dust from cutting and grinding migrating into other areas. When used in conjunction with another great RVT product, the Dustex Raptor [hyperlink here], the enclosure helps ensure that dust is safety captured and filtered out of the working area. It is also suitable for undertaking hot-works such as cutting metal too; making the enclosure ideal for M&E contractors as well as joiners.

In addition, the product also offers a number of extremely useful features, which include speedy installation and easy transportation – the enclosure folds down to fit on a single pallet and comes with optional castors for ease of movement – plus a cutting deck for chop-saws.

Its other key product features, such as fire resistance using H20-Tech® waterproof technology, and its robust industrial aluminium or GRP construction, all combine to create an extremely effective, easy to set up and move cutting enclosure that will significantly reduce both noise levels on site and the impact of excessive noise on people in the surrounding area.

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