The Scalpel – London’s Newest Skyline Addition

20th July 2016

The Scalpel – London’s Newest Skyline Addition, RVT Group

RVT Group is proud to be working with a key contractor on, what's soon to be, London's newest addition to its city skyline. The Scalpel will be located on the corner of Lime and Leadenhall Streets in one of London's most historic areas and is set to be a welcome addition to the city's financial district.

RVT Group was asked to provide ventilation solutions in the basement areas during this top-down construction development – a technique often used for urban builds of this scale which often have time and / or site constraints.

RVT's solution was to provide high powered centrifugal fans that offer effective ventilation of confined areas to ensure a safe working environment is maintained at all times for the safety of the entire workforce.

"RVT Group has had many years' experience working in top-down basement constructions – a method of construction that's particularly common in London because of the obvious space restrictions.

We are highly experienced in dealing with this type of application and have a wide range of fans to ensure that not only are requirements adequately met, but we take into account the constraints of the site conditions itself.

With temporary site solutions – one size does not fit all. We pride ourselves on working closely with clients to ensure they get the right solution for their project.

This has two major benefits:

1 – Their site personnel remain in a safe working environment throughout the project

2 –Their development adheres to critical timings and costs"

- Tim Dupont, Director, RVT Group.



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