The Largest Heater of its Kind

11th January 2017

The Largest Heater of its Kind, RVT Group

During the winter months, it's particularly important to ensure adequate heating is supplied to work sites to protect both the workers and the specialist jobs they're undertaking.

RVT's Mobile Indirect Oil Fired Heater provides highly effective heating on site. Unlike gas heaters which can release moisture while heating, oil fired heaters provide a warm, dry heat that effectively maintains ambient temperatures - ideal for jobs such as drying out of new-build construction projects. These heaters are generally sited externally, ducting the heat into the building via flexible ducting which provides positive pressure, allowing large volumes of space to be heated from a single heater.

RVT's Indirect Oil Fire Heater is the largest heater of its kind that runs off a single-phase electricity supply.

Most sites have issues with power supply, as it can often be temporary and the resource stretched. Our unit will deliver 150 Kw of heat from a single-phase supply. The next biggest heater that can run off a similar supply is 110 Kw, which makes the RVT Mobile Indirect Oil Fired Heater capable of providing 36% more heat than its closest rival.

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