The Generator Exhaust Attenuator

19th October 2016

The Generator Exhaust Attenuator, RVT Group

Excess noise caused by exhausts on large generators is a health hazard for all site personnel, and a potential disturbance for those nearby. RVT Group recognised this and worked hard to produce a piece of equipment to combat those noise levels, whilst being resilient enough to withstand the extreme temperatures that exhausts can create.

Certainly, many of today's modern generators don't make as much engine noise as they once did, but the exhaust is still an area that's notoriously difficult to conventionally attenuate. RVT's A2/3 SOUNDEX PLF-Tech Generator Exhaust Attenuator was designed to do just that.

Quick and easy to install, this heavy duty, rigid construction presents the ideal product for exposed environments.

Watch the video below to find out more and see it in action.




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