Temporary cooling systems hire

16th February 2015

Temporary cooling systems hire, RVT Group

If you need to cool a server room, office, warehouse or workshop RVT Group can provide the right solution to overcome these needs.

Temporary cooling systems can be a lifesaver when your existing equipment fails, the cost of such a failure can be a financial disaster. If you have mission critical equipment in server rooms, comms rooms, plant rooms etc.

Rapid and reliable assistance is required to minimise the risks of sensitive equipment over heating due to no temperature control measures being available.

RVT Group work fast in such situations to dispatch and install short term temporary cooling systems, in order or prevent serious system failures and associated consequential loses.

We can provide temporary cooling systems on a short term hire basis or you can purchase emergency backup equipment outright.

Call one of our experts today for advice on our range of cooling systems hire equipment 0808 178 3286 RVT Rentavent can help you with all your cooling needs



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