Stop. Make a Change in 2018

1st June 2018

Stop. Make a Change in 2018, RVT Group

Stop. Make a Change 2018 was held at London's Heathrow Airport, and this year it was expanded to cover the wider construction sector.

The initiative launched in 2017, aiming to improve health and safety within the UK infrastructure sector. An impressive 60,000 people from 60 companies took part in stand-down events nationwide to look at ways to create a healthier and safer industry. With this year's event expanded to cover the broader UK construction industry, the turn-out was huge, particularly from within aviation construction. Mental health and plant safety were the two key priorities, and companies were asked to make commitments in both these areas.

We were pleased to showcase our range of dust and fume control equipment that helps protect workers from these everyday site hazards. The Raptor, our portable self-contained extraction and filtration unit, and our heavy-duty diesel exhaust fume filter kits were of particular interest.

We thoroughly enjoy events such as these. Not only does it remind us how many like-minded companies there are within the construction sector who are dedicated to improving standards for all, but it allows us to get important insights direct from key industry players.

Our Southern Sales Representative, Kevin Dupont, commented:

"The Stop. Make a Change event is hugely informative and enjoyable. It offers us a rare chance to speak with people from across many different areas of construction, and give them a deeper understanding of the type of equipment available that will help them protect the health of their site workers."



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