Small Yet Powerful Extraction Fan

12th July 2018

Small Yet Powerful Extraction Fan, RVT Group

The smallest in RVT's range of extraction fans, the FA200CF Centrifugal Fan retains its power and efficiency regardless of size.

Designed to operate in the most difficult working environments, such as around volatile fumes, this effective piece of equipment extracts harmful hazards and provides a fresh air supply where needed.

Dust and fumes are one of the main health risks facing site workers. Long-term exposure to such hazards can lead to eye irritation, respiratory problems and lung cancer, to name just a few.

Ensuring the correct protective equipment is used when carrying out potentially life-threatening tasks, is vital to the health of site workers and the general public nearby.

Key applications for the FA200CF Centrifugal Fan include:

  • Paint exhaust fume extraction
  • Ventilation of confined spaces
  • Tunnel ventilation

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