Silent, High Capacity Vacuum

23rd May 2017

Silent, High Capacity Vacuum, RVT Group

RVT's B1 Atex Zone 22 Extractor is the ideal solution for high volume cleaning tasks in any construction zone.

'Efficient, powerful and silent' describes the three key attributes of this piece of equipment. Other benefits include:

  • ATEX zone 22 approval, which allows it to pick up flammable dry dust
  • Hazardous M class certification, enabling it to vacuum mineral dust, man-made wood-based dust, oak and beech wood dust
  • Huge 70 litre container which provides long-usage without the need to empty
  • Tilt or Lift-Off container system making for quick and easy emptying
  • Washable PET Fleece filter element which minimises operating costs
  • A low working noise level, enabling it to be used in close proximity to others

Where there is a visual dust cloud or settled dust deposits, it's important to maintain good housekeeping using specialist equipment such as our B1 Atex Zone 22 Extractor, as well as provide adequate ventilation.

Download the product sheet here.



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