SOUNDEX makes a difference again

12th August 2014

SOUNDEX makes a difference again, RVT Group

National subcontractor's experience with RVTRentavent:

"Our current project resulted in us producing a large amount of noise within a confined area with several people working within close proximity of the area of where we were undertaking the breaking out. We started out by using the Acoustic Curtains which worked very well however, when the strength on the concrete became more dense the noise level increased and additional measures had to be taken place and after consultation with Rentavent it was advised we looked into using the Mobile Enclosures. We took on board the advice and trialled one enclosure and found that it reduced the noise levels to an acceptable level and as a result we took an additional enclosure and another machine to help us speed up our breaking out process. Throughout the hire period we have had good communication between our companies along with some really good advice and I would really recommend your company to anyone who requires this type of equipment."



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