Robust Industrial Breaker Shroud

30th April 2018

Robust Industrial Breaker Shroud, RVT Group
RVT Group

RVT's E7/2 Breaker Shroud is an extremely robust industrial shroud featuring acoustic walls and roof, with one open side for ease of machinery operation. The shroud is designed such that only the breaker attachment is used within the enclosure, thus reducing the risk of fume pollution.

Providing up to 32.3dB of noise reduction, the E7/2 Breaker Shroud also doubles up as a chip guard which eliminates the need for fence panels and debris netting, thereby making it quick and easy to provide mobile chip protection as work progresses.

Ideal for use during utility repair and maintenance work to surround the breaker when breaking up roads and pavements, and for localised noise control on construction sites nearby to residential buildings or other sensitive environments.

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