Raising Awareness of Health Risks to Site Personnel

24th November 2016

Raising Awareness of Health Risks to Site Personnel, RVT Group

RVT Group was delighted to present at Carillion's quarterly Safety Action Group (SAG) Meeting, held at the First Street development in Manchester.

Carillion is a leading international business providing services for the construction industry – from the planning and construction of buildings, through to creating transport and power network infrastructure.

Eleven of their regional Health & Safety Managers attended this quarterly meeting. It gave us a fantastic opportunity to highlight key health risks on site caused by noise, dust and fumes, and explain the specialist equipment available to successfully manage them.

According to HSE's latest figures, it's estimated that '20,000 people working during the last year suffered from Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) which was caused or made worse by their work.' In addition, the construction industry has the largest estimate of occupational cancer cases, with 3,500 cancer deaths and 5,500 cancer registrations each year within this sector.

Raising the awareness of the health risks to site personnel is vital to ensure effective preventative measures are in place prior to the start of any job.

RVT's vision is a world where the impact of site work on life and health is effectively zero. Presenting at events like these, offers another way for us to help make that happen.

As part of this presentation, we demonstrated our effective, user-friendly Soundex Acoustic Cutting Enclosure. This innovative cutting enclosure contains and controls excessive noise, dust and fume levels. Designed for cutting lengthy material like SFS, interior steel studwork and M&E works, the Soundex Acoustic Cutting Enclosure is an essential piece of equipment on all construction sites.

Among many, one benefit of these type of events is that they are so interactive, giving both us and Carillion the time to discuss the challenges faced, as well as the solutions available.

We're delighted to hear that they'd like us to present at one of the other sites in the near future, and we very much look forward to doing so.



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