Rail Sector Noise Reduction

11th September 2017

Rail Sector Noise Reduction, RVT Group

Specifically designed for the rail industry, RVT's A1/2 Pyla-Tech Attenuator helps to minimise noise disturbance during piling applications. Its unique design effectively reduces noise that emits from the steel cylindrical piles during impact.

RVT's Attenuator is simply but effectively designed. Extra strong magnets firmly hold the attenuator to the pile during operation, and the 500mm long sections with Velcro connectors allow flexibility in length as the pile drives deeper into the ground. This latter feature ensures maximum noise reduction throughout the entire process, protecting both site workers and the general public alike.

Standard additional features include fire and weather resistance, and construction in non-irritant acoustic material with no glass-fibre content, making RVT's A1/2 Pyla-Tech Attenuator a practical and effective solution in combatting noise pollution.

Watch our demonstration video here to see how you can help protect the lives of your workforce.



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